Wood Treasure Box with Lock

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  • An elegant carved treasure box; created from 3-D printing wood parts. Have a quiet, meditative time assembling or build it together with a friend or child.
  • Set a three-digit number as your pass code. Box opens with wooden key (shown here). There are 810 sets of codes to choose from in the manual.
  • The kit consists of 123 pieces, with approximately 3-4 hours of craft time. You can assemble them together without glue (using the pre cut 'pins and tails'). High-tech, laser-cutting makes precise and smooth edges, so parts fit well and are easy to assemble. They are made of natural plywood without any added toxins (safe and eco-friendly).
  • Recommended for ages 14+.
  • 123 total pieces, assembled size measures 100 x 124 x 85 mm (please use your brain to convert into inches)

Please assemble gingerly and patiently in order not to break pieces. They are not fragile, but they can be broken. This is a thinking exercise that results in a curious, elegant wood box you can both lock and use.

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