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Ridley’s Set of 40 Glass Marbles


Sounds like FUN!

Classic game of marbles:

  • Draw a chalk circle at least 2 feet in diameter. If there are more players, draw a bigger circle.
  • Arrange several marbles in a circle formation inside the chalk circle.
  • Each player needs to have one playing marble to use throughout the game.
  • To start, the first player should roll their marble into the playing circle.
  • The objective is to knock the other marbles out of the chalk circle.
  • Each marble is worth one point.
  • If a marble is knocked out of the circle, then the player gets to keep that marble and scores a point.
  • Players take turns, rolling their play marble around the circle.
  • Play marbles are not allowed to leave the playing circle.
  • Players can move their marbles by flicking it with their thumb.
  • The player with the most marbles at the end of the game is crowned the winner.