Open Mic Spoken Word with James Geary Reading from “Ways of Waves”

SPOKEN WORD Matunuck resident James Geary begins our evening reading from “Ways of Waves,”  inspired by the Tao Te Ching and Body Surfing   James Geary’s  fascination with the Tao Te Ching spans three decades. He has read various translations, studied Mandarin, and worked with a Taiwanese scholar. He has analyzed this complex text, line …

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“Freemen” : A Discussion with Robert Geake

FREEMEN: Why was the 1st Rhode Island Regiment important? The 1st RI Regiment of the Continental Army will be known as the corps of mixed race. Robert Geake, Rhode Island historian and author of thirteen books, will speak about how freemen helped the cause of liberty from Britain’s rule over the colonies.  

Rhapsody by Mitchell James Kaplan

Mitchell James Kaplan tells the love story about the little known relationship between American composers George Gershwin and Kay Swift. With an impressive knowledge of New York City during the Jazz Age, Kaplan shines a light on the timeles bond between the brilliant, strong-willed artists. Swift, already married to banker James Warburg, was the first …

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The Origin of Flick Ford

How does one become a modern day illustrator of fish? And why are these prints important to our eco system?     Please join us on Saturday, July 31 to find out. Introduction by Captain Ed Everich, captains the tug out of New London, CT. “Flick Ford’s pictures, though realistic, have a certain spiritual quality. …

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Brooks’ Five

BROOKS’ FIVE: OUT OF NEW YORK CITY New York City is an important part of the art world and international artists drive its cultural scene.  This selected group of artists on view at BoP Gallery from August 7 through October 15 showcase New York individuals joined for decades by the desire to create drawings, paintings, …

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Boat Ride: Ninigret Pond

SOLD OUT tour of Ninigret Pond with Declan O’Donnell, marine biologist. What can we do as individuals – visitors and residents – to clean up our salt ponds and protect them? It isn’t that difficult! There are solutions! We can start now!! Tour based on the marvelous book by the late Rhode Island marine biologist, …

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