Ideas on Books and Readers

What makes a new book so special?

The Scent of New Books Many people stop in and ask if we can take their old books. We wish…

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Scott Keeley, Sculptor

Sometimes all one has to go on is the painting or sculpture itself. Scott Keeley is refreshingly different; we are…

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Hanging with the Big Dogs: Talking about Art

Brooks’ Five and Flick Ford August 17, 2021, Charlestown, Rhode Island. The summer weather in South/Washington County has been great….

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Bookstore Conversations

Owning a bookstore right now has its challenges. Pricing may be one. Surviving a pandemic another. Finding qualified help another….

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Cultivating Faith


As Easter approaches and the sun promises spring, I want to hold onto my happy expectation as long as possible….

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In short, I was afraid: Ode to J. Alfred Prufrock

T.S. Eliot for VDay

T.S. Eliot for VDay I’m not exactly sure why without fail Elvis Costello’s “My Comic Valentine” pops into my head…

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Making Resolutions 2021

Kingston, Rhode Island Train Station: A Good Place for Embarking   Somewhere along the line I stopped writing down my…

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How Does Joy Arrive?

This Advent   This is my second December as a retailer and it can not be more different than 2019….

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2020 Thanksgiving Reading


Forcing Gratitude never quite works as well as a state of natural grace.  Thanksgiving also requires honesty regarding reconciling the…

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Scary Stories for Halloween: Past and Present

  Is it ever time to make your classic book change?   Do you have scary stories on the ready…

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